Acoustic Cafe Series, Vol. 2, “Stars and Revolutions”

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ac2artistcollagemirroeditunesThe Acoustic Cafe Series  Volume 2, “Stars and Revolutions” is available now and features artists Lauren Tarantino, Jackie Rae  and Justin Sheehy (this is a follow-up to the Acoustic Cafe Series, Volume 1, featuring Bron Hogan, Judith de los Santos and Justin Sheehy).   The new release “Stars and Revolutions,” is an eclectic group of ten songs filled with lots of love.   Join the Summit Songs mailing list for further updates on the new release, performances, free downloads, special packages, sweepstakes and more.

Brooklyn, Brooklyn…

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Converse is ready to record bands.  Could be something good.  Do you have Chucks? Check it out here:

Rubber Tracks– Recording Studio provided by Converse.

Kwanzaa Celebration

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If you celebrate Kwanzaa, you may be interested in the new”7 Days of Kwanzaa Song.”

The song is available on iTunes , Tunecore and also received a write-up in the New York Post.

Piano Musings

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Golden Age of Piano

Piano Musings

The piano–such a versatile instrument.  Listen to anything from a Bach Invention to the latest Coldplay album and you’ll hear it.  Lift up it’s lid and it never ceases to amaze. Strings of grand proportion delicately wound from thick to thin, ready to be plucked, modified or played conventionally with keys connected to a simple felt hammer striking ever so precisely to provide us with an array of massive resonating overtones.  And when it sits quietly, the anticipation of it’s next sound makes it seem as if it has taken on an almost human persona……

Acoustic Cafe Series, Volume 1

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Volume 1

Volume 1

The Acoustic Cafe Series is available at and also on iTunes and

This acoustic set is a collection of intimate coffee house songs.   We like to think of the collection as a pairing similar to that of blue jeans and coffee, or wine with candlelight, maybe hot chocolate on a cold and windy day.   Simple and inviting….

Three artists are on the collection: Bron Hogan, Judith de los Santos and Justin Sheehy.  Find out more about them and listen to the collection at

Excerpt of lyrics from ” Angels All Around Her” performed by Bron Hogan

” She’s got angels all around her, colored lights appear from nowhere Problems seem to solve themselves, clouds form around the skyline everywhere With such beauty and grace, like a wrap around her delicate face Angels all around her, she just looks above, and the rest is love….” (© Summit Songs Music Group LLC)

And The Band Played On

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And the band plays on...

Bass pumping…drums pounding…guitars screaming….adrenaline soaring.   Ahh, living vicariously through a song. There’s a quote from Picasso that says [paraphrase] we seize power from art forms because they give form to our desires.   Which is the reality—which is the art form???


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If you ever have some walking, train or bus time and want a good read:  ”MusicCage/ Cage Muses on Word Art Music.”

Ponder his description of a person holding a fork and how we either perceive the subject as the fork with the person as the background or the person as the subject with the fork as part of the landscape.   Maybe it depends on what time you get up in the morning and whether you have studied 5.1 surround sound.   On that subject, I think someone in the world may be on the brink of discovering an amazing new concept in the field of multimedia— well beyond gaming.    Until next time…

Happy Holidays

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Changing times all around us.  During this holiday season, may you find an abundance of music to wrap yourself around for the moment–music to dance to, music to rest and refresh yourself, music to expand and expound upon; so that you may embrace the coming year with peace, wonder and joy. Happy Holidays, Summit Songs

Wish Lists

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Do you ever wonder about the personal wish lists of people who have already accomplished so much in life?  Even if  a most apparent wish hasn’t arrived, we all keep working toward our goals.  Ponder this:  would it be possible for each of us to help with another’s wish list? Think of what the world could be. There are people in this world with the capabilities to help with another’s wish list in the blink of eye, without having to put forth very much effort. So, wherever you are on the musical career ladder, or the ladder of life, consider helping with someone else’s wish list. I’m off to do that right now. Until next time….